I am fluent in Java with over four years of on-the-job programming experience, and I have five years of experience with object-oriented design in various languages. I have developed Java and C++ applications on Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Unix and Linux platforms.

I am particularly interested in Internet-related technologies, such as J2EE, XML, SOAP, and WSDL. While a Master's student in Brigham Young University's Computer Science department I took a course in large-scale, distributed systems where we learned to design and build e-commerce applications with XML and J2EE technology on Linux platforms. During the two years I worked on my Master's degree I conducted research in Dr. Dan R. Olsen's ICIE (Information Collaboration Interactive Environment) lab, where we developed new methods of Human-Computer interaction. As a part of my research there, I contributed to a Web-like networking environment in which we built browsers and UI components with Java and Java Swing, and used XML to format the data and UI information. My Java and XML experience carried over to my year at Novell, where we built a dynamic, Web-based collaboration tool based on these technologies. We wrote the business logic in Java, formatted the data in XML, and presented the user-interface in a web browser by generating the necessary HTML and Javascript via XSL. It ran on the Apache Web Server and the Tomcat servlet container as a part of Novell's Web Portal.