Desire Howland

< Shubael Gorham
birt: 21 OCT 1667

 John Howland 
 Desire Howland 
birt: 13 OCT 1625
plac: Plymouth,Massachussetts
deat: 13 OCT 1683

John Gorham
marr: 1643
birt: Bef 28 JAN 1619/1620
plac: Northhamp,Eng.
deat: FEB 1676
  John Tilley 
 Elizabeth Tilley 
 Bridget VanDeVelde 

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MARRIAGE:Helen Hester King, B.S. and Linetta Ainsworth Daniels, Some Descendants of Captain John Gorham of Plymouth Colony in New York Sate and the Western Reserve; ; Walker Printing Service, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio, 1955; p. xxi; ; John Gorham of Plymouth Colony, son of Ralph Gorham, was married in 1643, at the age of 22, to Desire Howland.